Upcoming Holiday Calendar

January 2024
It's a new year, and a time for new things!  December seems to get the spotlight on holidays, but there's plenty to enjoy in January.  It's National Hobby Month, Hot Tea Month, National Oatmeal Month, National Soup Moutn, and National Blood Donor Month.  Moving into individual days, let's go a little futher below.

January 1 - New Year's Day
January 2 - World Introvert Day
January 3 - Festival of Sleep Day
January 4 - Trivia Day
January 7 - Feast of the Epiphany
January 10 - Houseplant Appreciation Day
January 12 - National Pharmacist Day and National Hot Tea Day
January 15 - Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday (
January 17 - Ditch New Years Resolutions Day
January 19 - National Popcorn Day
January 20 - Penguin Awareness Day
January 21 - National Hugging Day
January 22 - Chinese New Year
January 24 - Compliment Day
January 26 - Spouse's Day
January 28 - Fun at Work Day
January 29 - Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
January 31 - Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

February 2023
It might be cold outside, but we've got a hot list of things to celebrate in February! From interesting things like Creative Romance Month, National Bird Feeding Month, and Spunky Old Broads Month, to National Cherry Month, and Great American Pie Month. It's also American Heart Month, so keep your heart happy with flowers or a goregous plant.  Looking for more reasons to make the day better?  Keep reading...

February 1 - Spunky Old Broads Day
February 2 - Groundhog Day
February 3 - Feed the Birds Day
February 4 - Thank a Mailman Day
February 5 - National Weatherman's Day
February 7 - Send a Card to a Friend Day
February 11 - Make a Friend Day and Super Bowl Sunday
February 12 - Abraham Lincoln's Birthday
February 13 - Mardi Gras / Fat Tuesday
February 14 - Valentine's Day, National Organ Donor Day and Ash Wednesday
February 15 - Susan B Anthony Day
February 17 - Random Acts of Kindness Day
February 18 - National Drink Wine Day
February 19 - Presidents Day
February 20 - Love Your Pet Day and Cherry Pie Day
February 22 - George Washington's Birthday and Walking the Dog Day
February 23 - Inernational Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day (woof woof!)
February 24 - World Bartender Day
February 28 - Floral Design Day
February 29 - Leap Day (Wish those friends born on February 29th Happy Birthday since they only get to celebrate every four years!)

March 2024
March is a FULL month of things to celebrate and appreciate.  We get the mid-month festivities of St. Patrick's Day, and soon after Spring officially arrives.  It's also National Craft Month, National Women's History Month, National Nutrition Month, and Social Workers Month.  The first week is Celebrate Your Name Week (how fun is that?), followed by Crochet Week the 2nd week of Marth.  Let's peek at a few other interesting things coming up in March:

March 1 - Employee Appreciation Day, National Salesperson Day, and World Compliment Day
March 3 - Caregiver Appreciation Day
March 4 - Hug a GI Day
March 6 - Dentist's Day
March 8 - International Women's Day
March 10 - International Day of Awesomeness and Daylight Savings time begins at 2am
March 11 - Ramadan begins at Sundown
March 12 - Plant a Flower Day
March 14 - National Pi Day
March 15 - Ides of March
March 17 - St. Patrick's Day
March 19 - Earth Day and Spring Equinox
March 20 - International Day of Happiness and International Earth Day
March 24 - National Chocolate Day and National Egg Nog Day
March 23 - National Puppy Day
March 24 - Palm Sunday and Purim Begins at Sundown
March 29 - Good Friday and National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day
March 30 - National Doctor's Day
March 31 - Easter Sunday